Sinus Pressure?

Millions of Americans suffer from some type of sinusitis every year. When the sinuses become inflamed, it can cause congestion and painful headaches. Don’t wait to ‘see if it will go away’.  Call South Valley Ear, Nose & Throat and make an appointment.

Nasal & Breathing Obstruction

Your nasal passages and airway can often times be blocked by inflammation and other obstructions. This congestion can interfere with hearing, voice, sleep and limit oxygen to the rest of the body. If you have ongoing congestion or pain in the head area, let us help find out what’s causing the problem and get you on the path to healing.

• Infection
• Structural abnormalities
• Allergies
• Nasal polyps

Sinuplasty Surgery

Sinuplasty is a great option for people who suffer from frustrating sinus congestion and don't respond to traditional medications. During the procedure, physicians insert a catheter into the sinus cavities and gently open the space with a small balloon. Recovery time with this minimally-invasive surgery is a snap leaving the patient breathing easier than before.

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Trouble with Snoring?

For those who love your spouse but can’t stand the snoring, South Valley Ear, Nose & Throat has the solution.  Check out the video to see how we helped a Utah woman get back to sleep by quieting her snoring husband using a technique called snoreplasty.

Snoreplasty on Fox 13 and KSL Studio

Other Nose and Sinus Conditions

Our doctors use the latest technology, including an in-office CT scanner, to accurately diagnose a variety of other nasal and sinus conditions.

Allergies (Allergy Clinic)
Deviated septum
• Nasal blockage and drainage
• Nasal polyps
Nose bleeds